Lilia knows everything about how to make accurate and beautiful manicure, from which you can’t take out your eyes. Also, for some years already she is busy with the volunteering. She got known with the Jewish community more than 10 years ago, when she came to the Jewish Center together with her three children. Even then she was greatly impressed by the friendly and human-hearted team of the Center. Lilia was suggested a great variety of different possibilities for spending time not only for herself but also for her children. According to Lilia, very soon KEDEM became the “second house” for her children. Often visiting the programs and the events of the Center, Lilia understood that her help can be useful, too, so she became the volunteer.

Lilia began her activity with the organization of the children’s celebration. Till the present moment Lilia is very proud that she not just took part in this celebration but also helped in its organization. She likes the sincerity of the children and their ability to be happy for every moment. Later, Lilia began to help not only in the work with the children but also to participate in the volunteer projects for the old people.

It is worth noticing, that Lilia’s children taking into consideration her example, also began to help the community. Lilia considers that the special interest towards the communication with the old people is in their wisdom and life experience, which they share with a great pleasure. So, the relationship between the generations is preserved. Lilia is very happy that she can participate in this activity together with her children.

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