Elena Neagu

I am 38 years old and I am a volunteer at the Russian Exhibition Center! Behind two higher educations (journalism and psychology), work in a bank and a leasing company. Today I am working on one online project. I have my own mini-project on eco-bags, which I am actively promoting. I dance, paint and meditate.
Two years ago I created an event for cleaning the capital’s park, Pavel also came to clean up (at that time he was a volunteer at the Russian Exhibition Center in the Chisinau Chisinau project), he introduced me to the Russian Exhibition Center. For two years I have been in the Pure Chisinau project, and in the pandemic I also joined in the delivery of packages for the elderly.
At the Russian Exhibition Center, I met like-minded people whom I could not find in my friends’ space. And this is a key point for me: together to make the world a better place is much easier and faster than alone. I like working with the administrative staff of the RVTs, the organizational level is very good and the girls are very cool and perky)
(I don’t remember very much stories to capture the spirit of interest) I was somehow impressed by our cleaning in Butoyash Park, garbage can be different and what we just don’t collect: from bottles to underwear accessories, pillows with hair, but the TV I have not yet seen in the depths of the park. I was impressed by the fact that someone brought him there on purpose and for the sake of which it is not clear) Or in the same park there was a mound, it seemed to be neat around it, and behind the hillock, there were so many plastic bottles that there were so many of them that almost all of our bags were gone on them, and there were many of them.

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