Ekaterina Savchenko

I am Savchenko Ekaterina and I am 18 years old. I study in the 12th grade.

I learned about the Republican Volunteer Center from my grandmother. We moved from Ukraine to Chisinau in the spring, I had a lot of free time and few ideas for its implementation.

I have been volunteering for half a year. Previously, I had experience in conducting children’s parties as an animator, which significantly influenced the choice of the main direction of volunteering.

The main activity is working with children, since nothing is more invigorating than a couple of mischievous guys and preparing interactive educational programs.

The volunteer movement makes it possible to realize oneself as a person, to make our world a little happier and kinder, and just to relax in a circle of people who are close in spirit and occupation. For me, volunteering is an outlet.

There are a lot of stories related to the RVC: calling volunteers and informing the elderly, environmental campaigns, campaigns with animals, accompanying the elderly, working with children, excursions – all this breathes life into gray everyday life and provides an invaluable opportunity to develop and move forward.

I am glad to be a volunteer and actively promote this movement to the masses. I want to make this world brighter and kinder.

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