Arina Tiginyan

Hello! My name is Arina Tiginyan, I am 16 years old and I am in the 11th grade. I learned about the RVC at the end of a long journey in 2019, but I was afraid that he would not go because of the pandemic, and in the end he came only in 2022. During these almost 4 months, I managed to participate in many RVC projects aimed at improving our city and at socializing people’s diseases. I managed to take part in the projects “Clean Chisinau”, “Give me a paw”, “Chisinau residents of the 20th century”. In addition, I conducted English classes for children in the Jewish kindergarten, I was a volunteer at the European Cup among juniors in Chisinau 2022 in August. In September, I was lucky to be a member of the VC Festival for 4 cities of our Republic. Now I am helping to coordinate the School Ready project, which allows preschool children to learn the most important knowledge in mathematics and spelling. And this is far from all my activity, which I do in the Volunteer Center. The RVC is a volunteer center, where you sometimes get tired of voluntary activities, but at the same time it is a place of inspiration and learning new things. The concentration of happy people per square meter is simply over the top. Perhaps the outcome was natural in my life. I met common people, a couple of whom became my very close friends and my support. The Republican Volunteer Center is not a place and not just a couple of offices in KEDEM, it is a family and a second home.

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