Anastasia Tsatskina

Hi all! My name is Tsatskina Nastya and I am 14 years old. I am in the 9th grade of the lyceum. Nicolae Milescu – Spataru. I am Jewish and my dream is to leave to study and live in Israel.


From the age of 12 I wanted to become a volunteer, but I did not dare, because there was an inner fear. One day my mother found out about the Republican Volunteer Center, where I decided to go and try myself as a volunteer. I have been dancing for many years, devoting a lot of time to this direction, but I wanted to change something in my daily activities. At the moment, I began to devote all my free time to helping other people. It was when I became a volunteer at the Russian Exhibition Center that I realized that for me the most important thing in life is the help and support of people. This is what brings me pleasure and positive emotions, as well as the opportunity to develop and gain new knowledge and acquaintances. Despite the short period of my volunteer activity, I have already managed to try myself in various directions and projects, I believe that this is a big plus of the RVC, since there is an opportunity to study yourself and understand what you are interested in and in what direction you want to help.


I tried my hand at “Call Center” projects, where I talked with the elderly on the phone, held a lesson in a kindergarten, and also helped the elderly in the “Sources of Mercy” project. I also participate in the Science 2.0 project, where volunteers teach children through games the exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. RVC is a place where you can create, where you will be heard and where you can develop and try yourself.


For example, I came up with the idea of ​​one project called “Active Weekend”. Every Sunday, children from 7 to 10 years old can engage in creativity, sports, play educational games together and learn new things about the world that surrounds us. This proves that here you can be heard, that you will be helped and supported in new endeavors, and all our inner ideas can be realized here.

The Republican Volunteer Center is not only a place where you do something for others, help or teach, here you can also learn new things. As I said, I have Jewish roots and the history of the Jewish people is important to me.
So I took part in one of the educational seminars, where we discussed the important autumn Jewish holidays. Well, I was able to pass on the knowledge I received to the children from the Jewish kindergarten “Savivon”, where we held a master class for Rosh Hashanah with volunteers, remembered the history of the holiday with them and made an application of apples.


I am a volunteer! I am loaded with this and I can say that it is not scary to try to implement new ideas. I invite everyone to become part of our volunteer family and do good with us!

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