Albina Borimechkova

A volunteer is a state of mind. The desire to do good, help people and make the world around you a better place. Age, profession in this case are not at all important, because the main thing is a sincere impulse.
Today our hero is Albina Borimechkova. Albina is 44 years old. Works as an office manager in a car service company.
“For many years I, together with my mother and family, participated in KEDEM’s events. I knew about the activities of the RVC for a long time and took part in one-time actions. I consciously started volunteering this year, decided that I want to devote more time to this. At the moment I am engaged in helping the elderly, being part of the Call-Center project. I am also ready to participate in other projects in this direction, as well as in the framework of the “Origins of Mercy”.
What motivates you? I would like to give good, to devote time and attention. Volunteering was brought up in me by my mother and I want to continue by my example to bring up a sense of care and responsibility for other people in my children.
Of course, in volunteering, you can’t do without funny stories. Once a funny situation happened to us. One granny gave me and the children clothes from her chest. And we had to dress like children from the dungeon every time we met to please her.
I am sure that volunteering is important. It is important for our society, for people. It develops a sense of responsibility, educates a person in you – very important qualities in modern society “

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