RVC continues to give good!

We think that each of us is now in a difficult situation, experiencing certain difficulties. But there are those who especially need help. We are talking about elderly people, as well as large families.

Food packages were delivered a few days ago. On the first day, we delivered food packages for the elderly. 12 volunteers and 5 drivers took part in the delivery of products, and 5 cars were also involved. And we are happy and proud to announce that the products received 70%! 70 grandparents received help and support on this day, and we are happy to be involved in this.

On the second day, volunteers of the Republican Center delivered food to large families. Our four volunteers, along with four drivers, went to the families to please them and deliver food. 30 families received food packages. This is a great result, don’t you think?

We thank our partners for providing support and assistance in organizing food delivery for the elderly and large families, and we also Express our great gratitude to all delivery participants – all the volunteers – thank you for continuing to give good to the world together with RVC!


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