Rosh Hashana: “Open Space”

After summer vacation we again invite you, dear volunteers, to the “Open Space” informal meeting. During the break-up each of us had many events and changes; you were certainly missing us!

We invite you to meet together in an informal atmosphere for communication, getting to know one another and for pleasant pastime. This time we have a special occasion! We want to have a festive meeting in honor of the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashana.

The Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana (ראש השנה) is celebrated in honor of the world creation. It symbolizes the beginning of the new year and end of the expiring year. This day people give gifts to each other, send felicitations to those who are far from them. The family gathers at the table served with the traditional festive dishes. Everyone wants coming year to be good for him and “sweet”. That is why people serve many dishes which are symbolizing a wish of “full”, happy year.

We are waiting for you on September, 21 at 6:30 p.m. in classroom 127.

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