Results of the “Ziua Faptelor Bune” contest

We hope that you still remember Good Deeds Day, which passed a month ago. It was a great event, which yielded positive results! So many things were done! There was only one day, but there were a lot of good deeds, much love and gratitude!

We hope that Good Deeds Day will grow, develop and become bigger every year! It will attract more like-minded people!

On May 2, we gathered at the KEDEM Concert Hall to name the winner of the prize in the sum of 4000 lei. We also gave diplomas and thanked the participants of the holiday!

It was an intimate event! We remembered how it was. We discussed how Good Deeds Day went and what results were achieved. Anna Bezerau helped to hold the event and we are grateful to her!

Well, we will not keep you waiting. The winners are:

1st place (city): Inspectoratul Naţional de Patrulare;

1st place (village): Liceul Teoretic “Ştefan cel Mare” din Molovata;

2nd place (city): Inspectoratul de poliţie Leova;

2nd place (village): Consiliul de Elevi din Liceul Teoretic Holercani;

3rd place (city): Consiliul Raional al Tinerilor Anenii Noi;

3rd place village: Consiliul Local Al Elevilor Telița;

The winner of the competition was chosen during the voting on the website. Everything was fair!

We want to thank everyone one more time who joined Good Deeds Day this year! We are grateful to everyone who helped, supported and gave ideas! Thank you very much! Together we make the world a better place!

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