Results of Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds Day was held in Moldova on April 14! This event is held in more than 100 countries of the world every year, and it unites all people and volunteers who enjoy doing good deeds and making the world a better and brighter place!

This year, more than 3,200 people have taken part in the holiday of good and sincerity! The great advantage of the event is that absolutely everyone can be a participant, regardless of age, social status, place of residence, religion and nationality!

There have been organized more than 117 volunteer events! We’ve managed to attract 37 settlements in the Republic of Moldova to the event.

RVC has organized the event for the fourth year in a row. We are happy that Good Deeds Day is bigger every year. More people are interested in the event and want to take part in it, as they just want to help those in need.

There are volunteers of different age, from 16 to 85 years old, of different social status. They live in different cities and it seems they have nothing in common, but the desire of doing good deeds unites them!

We have carried out numerous actions throughout Moldova this year. Volunteers alongside coordinators have visited pediatric departments of hospitals and rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, boarding schools, animal shelters and a local zoo – everything is done in order to give other people warmth, care and attention.

Numerous interactive games, creative workshops, dance lessons and many other things have raised the mood of people, inspired and gave everyone positive emotions!

In addition, all Jewish organizations of the city and country have been involved in the process of organizing volunteer actions in the Chisinau Community. Volunteer action on the restoration of books was held in the library named after I. Manger. Volunteers have also visited the Jewish kindergarten and have helped with the landscaping and painting the playground. The employees of the Joint and the employees of the Hesed organization have held a campaign on planting trees and improving the territory of the city park. In addition, KEDEM staff has visited veterans and community members.

We want to thank everyone for support and assistance in organizing the event: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, ORHEIVIT, ALVIAGRUP, Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova, Gastrobar Restaurant, Makler, KEDEM, Haverim, Transport Municipal Grup TMG, Primaria mun. Chisinau, Verde MD, Moishe House, AZUR ART, Andra Grup SRL, Regia Transport Electric, Parcul Urban De autobuse, Supraten, Pretura Sectorului Buiucani, Dendrobium.

We sincerely thank all the participants of Good Deeds Day! We are grateful for your help in the development of the event. Thank you for supporting ideas, doing good deeds, willing to provide selfless aid to people, making our world better!

Do good deeds without asking anything in return! Believe us, there is nothing more pleasant than the happy eyes of those who you help! Our good deeds give us hope for a better life!

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