Project School of Repair

– “Do you need help?”

– “We’re coming right away”.

“School of Repairs” project volunteer Daniel Makison set off towards a beneficiary’s house not long ago in order to install a handrail in the bathroom, which he managed successfully. The beneficiary was pleased with the handrail, and is thankful to the RVC and, of course, Daniel, for all of their help. How happy we become, when we receive thanks from others, and are able to spread joy!

However, we didn’t stop there, and continued to rush to help others, now with brand new knowledge!

The project volunteers decided to take on difficult work which is not easily completed by the elderly. Volunteers Igor Chepoi and Vladimir Calii were quick to chop wood for the elderly so that they are able to keep warm during this cold time of year. The beneficiary was happy with their work, and that is the most important thing for us! The volunteers promised to return later on to clear snow.

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