Proiectul “Originile milei”

At the beginning of the year the coordinators of the “Origins of Mercy” project set goals. In the middle of this year, the team analyzed the accomplished work and summed up the results for the past half a year. As a result, the team has set new goals and is going to help the elderly with new forces.

We thank the volunteers, who improve their level through everyday work, good deeds and completed applications as well as help the wards to solve their needs! We thank them for help and support of our ideas.

  • 107 applications
  • 115 clients
  • 98 volunteers


  • 45 applications of “Care at home”
  • 108 clients in Socialization
  • 47 repairs
  • 32 pairs of elderly volunteers

The results that are presented below are calculated for the period “January – July 2018” – and this is 100% merit of the volunteers!

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