Project “Home care”

Volunteering is a family business! It has been proven in practice by participants in the “Home Care” direction. Spending time together in volunteer activities brings family members closer, teaches you to love and multiplies kindness on planet Earth!

We believe that responsibility for other people makes this world a better, kinder place. Especially when it comes to lonely seniors. Often, people of the golden age, in addition to help in everyday life, do not have enough elementary communication and walks. Discuss the latest news, talk about your feelings, recall events from life. And it’s so great to see how our volunteers become real friends to the elderly within the framework of the direction. Also, family members who volunteer together get closer to each other.

Now, in the warm season, you can diversify communication on the phone and meetings in the apartment with walks in nature. Chat while enjoying the sun and birdsong.

But really, there are no boundaries for friendship and the difference in age is not a hindrance at all.

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