Healthy Vitamin Box project in 2022

Throughout the year, the Volunteer Center hosts a large number of various projects aimed at various groups of people. Today we will talk about one of them – Healthy Vitamin Box 2022.

Surely you have already heard about it, we talked a lot and showed the work of the project last year, with the advent of spring the project is launched again, with new forces, ideas, but with the same love and care. In 2021, we managed to do a lot of work, help 40 elderly and 10 families at risk, provide 1654 kg. food assistance, deliver 350 kits and conduct 10 trainings with a nutritionist. All this would not have been possible without our volunteers and partners, for which many thanks to them!

Healthy Vitamin Box 2022 will follow the same format as last year. We are planning a social volunteer project aimed at providing healthy food assistance to needy elderly and families at risk. The boxes will include seasonal products, thanks to which you can stick to a balanced diet. Also, we will plan meetings with specialists in the field of nutrition, who will talk about the benefits of proper nutrition, show and introduce healthy recipes, etc.

Of course, the implementation of the project is impossible without our volunteers who help prepare and assemble food boxes, deliver them, participate in the search for partners for the project, develop a seasonal food calendar on the website, and much, much more. The project is large-scale, interesting, responsible, with huge returns and pleasant feedback from all sides. Become a part of Healthy Vitamin Box 2022!

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