“Present a Smile” in the Children’s hospital “V. Ignatenko”

Recovery takes place much quicker when you feel care of people around. This is especially the case when it comes about children. They like nobody else need our constant care and attention.

The volunteer project “Present a Smile” has its aim to help children undergoing rehabilitation in the Children’s hospital named after Ignatenko. Within this project volunteers carry out different art-workshops, games and quests.

This world is full of wonders, and it is important for the child to keep up-stroke the times, even when he/she undergoes rehabilitation.

Next visit is scheduled for the 28th of January from 10 a.m. till 12 a.m.

Join us!

Infoline: 022 509 646, +37369020369, +37369200633 (Natalya)


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+373 69020369
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