Volunteer Hubs in Schools

From December 22 to 24, an off-site seminar was held for 30 school leaders in Moldova!

Volunteer activities require continuous development and improvement of skills. To achieve this, various events are regularly organized. One such event was the educational seminar "Volunteer School Hub," which took place in Chisinau from December 22 to 24, as part of a grant program with the support of Switzerland.

The seminar had 35 participants, including student leaders from 30 high schools across the country. Among them were representatives from Moldova, Gagauzia, and Transnistria. Project team members also participated in the event.

The goal of the seminar was to train leaders in effective team management, recruiting, and organizing volunteer actions. Participants also gained valuable knowledge on how to launch and supervise social projects. Among other things, volunteers learned about time management and public speaking. The three days of the seminar were very intensive.

The first day (December 22) was dedicated to the creation of teams and recruiting.

Lyudmila Semina-Hitsu and Sasha Frekautsan spoke to the volunteers, sharing their experiences. They also discussed current social problems and emphasized the importance of volunteer work in addressing them.

On the second day of the seminar (December 23), volunteers attended educational sessions. 

In the session dedicated to time management, volunteers learned about the importance of planning for the successful implementation of projects. During the sessions, participants actively shared their impressions and drew inspiring ideas for developing their creative potential.

The third day (December 24) marked the conclusion of the seminar. 

Each participant had the opportunity to present their ideas and receive feedback from the organizers. Volunteers emphasized the importance of the knowledge gained and expressed their readiness to implement them. 

The Volunteer School Hub seminar has come to an end, but all participants received the "golden key" to successfully implement future volunteer initiatives in their communities. They are confident that the valuable knowledge they acquired opens up new prospects for our volunteers!