Training «How to present yourself?»

Volunteering is the best way of self-development and non-formal education! RVC hosted training for volunteers

RVC is always glad to help people who are ready to learn, our coordinators and friends of the Center are always happy to help initiative volunteers in providing new knowledge, organizing master classes for their practical application.

Благодарим КМБ Молдова и лично Амира Ройтмана за волонтерский вклад и проведение МК на тему

We thank KMB Moldova and personally Amir Roitman for the volunteer contribution and holding the MC on the topic “Sales Training”. The main insight of the meeting is that you can sell everything, but all sales start with yourself. Thanks to this master class, our volunteers gained knowledge on how to present themselves, projects and services of the Volunteer Center to our beneficiaries, partners and new participants.

In short, we have collected for you the main points that were at the master class:

1. What is important when presenting yourself:

  • Voice
  • Communication
  • Charisma
  • Presentation
  • Sales script
  • Positive thinking
  • Open questions
  • Guarantees
  • Trial/Free
  • Payback/Benefit

2. What is emotional intelligence and why is it important

3. Why is it important to read and develop

4. Sales scripts and adaptation of the process for talking with the elderly

5. Ways of development and success of activities in projects

6. Why Limited Beliefs Hurt Us

7. We identified a common mission among all participants and laid a good foundation for joint promotion of the direction

Each participant of the meeting received their own insights and new knowledge, which they will apply in volunteer activities and adapt to their areas of life.

Every day our area of affect grows and develops — projects are created and expanded. We can proudly say that the quality of service provision is a priority, because by opening our heart to others, we make our own world brighter and better. Good can be done by everyone in their own way.

We have a project “About self-love”, within the framework of which it is possible to hold MC and thematic meetings on a variety of topics.