Lag Ba'Omer at the Kindergarten

For the Lag Ba'Omer holiday, the RVC team prepared a program for the children at the Savivon Kindergarten.

On May 24, RVC volunteers visited the children at Jewish Kindergarten No. 68 to celebrate Lag Ba'Omer with them. The volunteers prepared a wonderful entertainment program for the little ones, including engaging activities and fun games such as "Musical Statue" and "Gift Hunt."

The children joyfully immersed themselves in the festive atmosphere. By participating in the games, they laughed and had fun while also learning about the cultural heritage of their ancestors. The volunteers presented this information in a playful manner to spark the children's interest and evoke positive emotions. Celebrations like Lag BaOmer are important for maintaining historical memory and cultural traditions of the Jewish people, as well as for strengthening intergenerational connections and passing on important values and customs.

For many years, one of the main goals of the Republican Volunteer Center has been to preserve Jewish values. Along with promoting the culture of volunteering, our team organizes events that help maintain the spirit of the Jewish community and the connections between its members. By involving children in Jewish culture and traditions, we ensure a worthy future for ourselves and a long and successful existence for our people! We thank the RVC volunteers for their active participation in educating the younger generation!