Give a Smile - The Best Holiday for Children

On June 1, RVC volunteers held festive events for children in three hospitals in Chisinau.

RVC volunteers organized a real celebration for the young patients of three Chisinau hospitals as part of the "Give a Smile" project. On the eve of Children's Day, they visited the Mother and Child Center, the City Clinical Hospital for Children No. 1, and the Valentin Ignatenko City Clinical Hospital for Children.

Volunteers spent a wonderful time with the children, organizing various games and activities. Despite the challenges faced by the young patients, the kids managed to have a fun and eventful time together.

  • Origami: The children learned to make foxes out of paper, which brought them a lot of positive emotions.
  • Game "Seven People Build a House": This team game helped the children establish communication and work together.
  • Game "Switch Places": A fun and dynamic game where children switched places, finding common traits with each other.
  • Board Games: Games such as "Dixit," "Who Am I?," and "Crocodile" brought a lot of enjoyment and fun.
  • Musical Statues
  • Balloon Games: Various balloon games added even more joy to the day.
  • Drawing: The children drew with chalk, gouache, and pencils on large sheets of paper, creating colorful pictures.
  • Songs and Dances: Singing and dancing together created a truly festive atmosphere.

The Republican Volunteer Center was awarded a diploma for merit from the City Clinical Hospital for Children, whose members noted the efforts and support of the volunteers. The "Give a Smile" project will be regularly conducted by our volunteers every Sunday.

These good deeds and the sincere participation of the volunteers bring joy to the children and help them forget about their difficulties. We express our deep gratitude to all the volunteers for their invaluable contribution and support.