Polishchuk Kristina

I am 17 years old. I’m not studying anywhere at the moment. My hobbies are learning English and playing sports. In addition, I like philosophy and psychology.

My classmate told me about volunteering, but I did not dare to come to a volunteer center for a long time, because I did not have free time. In February, I finally had the opportunity to visit the volunteer center and I decided to spend my free time with benefit. I really liked the opportunities offered by the Volunteer Center. In addition to helping people, I develop my personality, gain new knowledge and communicate with interesting personalities. And I appreciate this.

I am taking part in almost all projects of the Center now, but most of all I like projects which are aimed at helping older people. It is a great pleasure for to communicate with older people.

Volunteering brings me invaluable experience and cool memories. Volunteering has drastically changed my life. I’ve become a different person, I’ve gained new knowledge and I better understand people now. I am motivated by the fact that I can benefit our society and develop myself at the same time.

I wish all volunteers to believe in their work, to develop themselves, to put your talents to work. It is like a boomerang of good, which will definitely come back if you do it with all your heart!

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