Points system

In any activity it is very important to encourage people for their merits and achievements. One way the Center expresses its gratitude to volunteers is through the Points Exchange Ceremony. The ceremony takes place twice a year, giving us all a huge charge of positive emotions!

RVC has a volunteer hours accounting system. The team keeps track of your volunteer activities every month, calculates working hours and translates them into points.

  • 1 volunteer hour = 1 point

We also reward volunteers with bonus points who bring their friends to our center and tell about us in their Instagram posts.
During the year, all your points can be exchanged for promotional RVC products at the “Point Exchange” ceremony, which takes place twice a year: in June and December.

Good deeds can bring not only joy, but also nice gifts for you and your friends!

*The points system works from 01.01 to 31.12. With the beginning of a new calendar year, points are reset.
Doing good is not only pleasant, but also useful!

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