Pesach is coming!

As you know, the Jewish holiday of Passover is celebrated from the evening of April 19 to April 27. We pay much attention to this holdiay in our Volunteer Center!

As other holidays Pesach has its own traditions and customs that you need to know for holding events on Pesach. We held an educational seminar for our volunteers on the topic of the holiday!

The workshop was conducted by our coordinators Julia Barbaneagra and Elina Groisman, who told the volunteers about the upcoming holiday. The girls shared the history of the holiday, using various cartoons, videos and songs. The workshop was especially entertaining and not boring at all, because the guys were involved in the story and did not get tired of it!

Then the coordinators organized a model Seder Pesach so that the volunteers understand the order of the meal, because it has its own characteristics, which are also important during the holiday.

At the end of the workshop, the participants and coordinators talked about the forms and methods of conducting classes on the topic of Pesach for different generations.

The volunteers said that it was an interesting meeting, which gave them a lot of useful and necessary information, helped to understand the history and peculiarities of the holiday in detail, gave a lot of ideas and the necessary inspiration for holding events during the holiday.

The educational seminar on Passover succeeded!


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