Volunteer Center RVC

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Volunteer Center RVC is the largest volunteer resource center in Moldova.

The RVC team provides professional support to volunteers and provides them the opportunity to obtain the education required for volunteering. Through social projects and volunteer events, volunteers solve the needs of society, urban infrastructure and the environment. The center is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

Since its founding in 2014, RVC has become a key platform for anyone seeking to contribute to society through volunteer work. 

Our mission 

- Promotion of personal, family, and societal values through participation in volunteer projects.

- Formation of a positive image of professional long-term volunteering in Moldova among all age groups.

- Networking, development of partnership relations, and uniting organizations through the implementation of social projects and volunteer actions.

- Providing opportunities for the development of initiatives, accompanied by support at all stages of implementation.

RVC is a resource center aimed at cultivating a culture of professional volunteering in the Republic of Moldova, emphasizing the importance of personal, family, and societal values.

In 2019, as part of the Republican Annual Volunteer Festival in Moldova, RVC won awards in the categories of "Best Volunteer Organization in Moldova" and "Best Promotion of Volunteering through Multimedia."

In 2023, within the "Gala Voluntarului" competition organized by the Municipal Youth Center and the City Hall of Chisinau, RVC also took the first place in the category of "The Most Active Volunteer Organization" in Chisinau, and our coordinators secured the first places in the "Coordinator of the Year 2023" nominations.

Over its ten years of existence, RVC has been continuously evolving and is not content with what has already been achieved. It actively engages not only in intra-community assistance but also addresses urban needs. All projects are oriented towards specific target groups that RVC volunteers assist.

Projects include various directions in both online and offline formats

  • Project "Origins of Mercy": socialization of lonely elderly individuals, personal and group support, online initiatives, home care, educational programs for elderly-volunteer pairs;
  • Project "Call Center": informational support, telephone communication, group video calls, holiday greetings;
  • Support for children at risk and large families, charitable actions;
  • Preservation of the history and culture of the Jewish people: photo exhibitions, documentaries, interviews;
  • Organization of large-scale events for the development of volunteer culture;
  • Environmental initiatives, improvement of urban infrastructure, support for animals in shelters;
  • Partnership projects with libraries, kindergartens, hospitals, schools, museums, sports organizations, and other institutions;
  • Educational projects and seminars for training, motivation, encouragement, and introduction of volunteers.
  • In 2020, during the pandemic, the direction of "Online Volunteering" emerged, which is relevant to this day.
  • Food security: providing food to participants from at-risk groups. 

For two years, there has been an open position in the emergency volunteer group in crisis situations: since 2022, to assist refugees from Ukraine, and since 2023, telephone support for the elderly in Israel

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