Outdoor event in the framework of the holiday of Sukkot

Field meetings are an integral part of the Volunteer Center, they allow us to bring a new, bright color to our routine activities, such meetings give new acquaintances and impressions.

Sukkot is one of the first holidays of the Jewish year, when people spend time in “sukkah”, that is, in huts, so as not to be distracted from harvesting, and there they meet guests, treat them with wine and arrange noisy feasts.

Moldova is a territory filled with vineyards, because it is not in vain that it looks like a bunch of grapes on the map, therefore, in our event, grapes and vineyards became the main aspect of our meeting. By all directions of KEDEM in October, we decided to get closer to the traditions of the holiday and go to the grape harvest. JCC Sukkot included many different activities, learning about the history of the Sukkot holiday through interactive tasks, getting to know the participants of the RVC, MP Haverim and participants in educational programs. Here we managed to get closer to nature, harvest and, of course, according to the Jewish tradition, share the 10th part of the harvest with our participants in the “Healthy Vitamin Box” project, which our volunteers delivered to grandparents so that they could enjoy delicious grapes and feel holiday spirit.

Each participant who managed to join us was satisfied with the trip, and despite the fatigue, people were filled with knowledge and emotions, because they did a good deed, helped farmers in their difficult work and gave the elderly an opportunity to taste fresh and sweet grapes, which are full of health benefits. vitamins.

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