“Origins of Mercy: Tzedakah into Each House”

Any individual’s life becomes grey without beauty, kindness and communication. Unfortunately, many elderly people don’t receive them in full. Volunteers of the “Tzedakah into Each House” project help elderly people to create beauty, which makes a home feel cozy, as well as to receive a charge of positive energy from creativity and communication.

Last Friday Marina Orkhey visited Berta Grigoryevna Chorik. They made a tzedakah (a traditional box for donations) in decoupage technique, painted it and put ornaments. This is a laborious work, but it perfectly activates fine motor skills and creative thinking. Time passes imperceptibly when you spend it at a cheerful conversation!

Participation in this project of elderly people helps to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of beauty, to make a bright interior design item and to learn more about traditions of their nation. Volunteers, in their turn, provide generational bridge and contribute time for communication with lonely elderly people who so much need it.

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