“Origins of Mercy” Project

We invite all volunteers of the “Origins of Mercy” project to a training with a psychologist!

As a part of the project, we continue to get acquainted with the portrait of an elderly person, study different situations and find solutions to them. Liudmila Semina-Gitsu, a psychologist and a trainer, will help volunteers find solutions out of the most difficult situations in communication with older people.

At this training you will study the following topics:

  • Analysis of the gerontology and gerontopsychology
  • Interactive conversation and mini-lecture on the topic of gerontopsychology of old age
  • The problem of old age and aging
  • The phenomenon of human longevity
  • The age dynamics of psychophysiological functions
  • Personality development in gerontogenesis

In addition, each participant will receive the necessary psychological assistance.

The training will be held on March 21 at 18:00 in room 310.

Infoline: Olya Korzhenkova 060184358, Gaza Lera 067464629, Zakharchuk Nastya 079759599

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Mon. - Sun.
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