“Origins of Mercy: Computer at Home”

Progress moves into our life faster and faster, but its advantages are often not available for elderly people. It can be difficult even to learn the ropes of computer at this age. However, many grandmothers and grandfathers have to communicate with their children and grandchildren which live in other countries. Very ofter elderly people have computers or tablets, but they can’t use them or are afraid to do that.

The “Computer at Home” project has been developed in our Center to help such people to overcome fear of the equipment and to teach them to use the Internet. Recently Seryozha Korzhos has visited Labora Shayevna Sirkis. He has adjusted the Internet connection and then has helped Labora Shayevna to make calls via Skype and has taught her to use search engine. Now Labora Shayevna will be in touch with her children; she also will be able to watch movies and to search out any information on the Internet!

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