Online Good Deeds Day!

       Do a good deed, and also take it on video to attract people to good deeds by your example, show how you can easily and simply do something nice to another person, give a smile in such a gloomy time, support and take care of someone, and even save a life!

What should I do?

  1. Shoot video
  2. Put it on your pages Facebook or Instagram
  3. Celebrate with us – RVC @volunteercentrervc
  4. Be sure to put headtags #DoingGoodAroundTheWorld #GoodDeedsDay #rvccenter #onlinevolunteer

What good deed to do?

  • put up an ad about helping elderly neighbors in your driveway/at home (go to the grocery store for them, help them buy medicine)
  • print out the COVID-19 precautions and preventative measures and distribute them to your neighbors by hanging them on the door handle
  • independently from improvised materials to make garbage containers for sorting paper, plastic and waste
  • conduct online classes for children
  • make postcards in support of people who have fallen ill with the virus and put them on social networks
  • you can also come up with “your good deed”

We are waiting for your videos on March 29, they will be published on the RVC page.

Let’s cover the whole country with a wave of good on this day!

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