News! News! «Done in 72»
      In the middle of May Republican Volunteer Center RVC signed the contract with The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research for Volunteer Marathon project «Done in 72» realization. The idea is going to be brought to life from 9 till 13 September under the grants programme 2020.
     Everyone has a dream of living in a successful and prosperous country with perspective, minimum amount of social problems and rhetorical questions. Often, this remains just a dream, but not in these 72 hours.
«Done in 72» is a project during which 72 participants are getting together for 72 hours to take care of our city and resolve its problems at the local level.
Anyone who cares about social issues will pass three-days intensive course about volunteering with the support of psychologists, speakers, experienced coordinators and volunteers.

Everyone who takes part in Good Deeds Marathon will have a possibility to join an interesting training, study in an informal setting, discover new opportunities and find the solutions for social needs, learn to work as a team and make new acquaintances!

Good Deeds Marathon «Done in 72» kick-starts good deeds!
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