Mega food delivery

A lot of work was done in 4 days – we collected and delivered food packages to lonely elderly people, we delivered 470 sets, which is equal to 6150 food units. This is really a necessary help for the elderly in today’s very difficult time for all of us.

20 volunteers took part in sorting and packaging, as well as the subsequent delivery of the kits “to the door”, as well as 19 volunteer drivers helped in the delivery of the kits.

We would like to Express our gratitude to our partners, because the project was implemented with the personal support of Alexander Bilinkis, as well as with the support of CHESED and the Jewish Community of Moldova.

We would like to Express our special gratitude to all our volunteers who work hard every day, help and do good deeds. Thank you for being there!

P.S. Как вы можете заметить по фотографиям, все волонтеры соблюдают меры предосторожности, за 188 часов волонтёрской работы мы потратили 117 защитных масок, 234 одноразовых перчаток

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