Meeting with Maria Shiverskih

Dear volunteers,

We invite you to the meeting with Maria Shiverskih, which will take place on the 24th November at 6.30 p.m. in recreation room 127!

“I am Maria Shiverskikh, an economist by education and since recently a candy-maker. When I graduated from the economics department, it couldn’t come to my mind that sometime, I will mix icing sugar with cream and bake biscuits several times a day, 7 days a week. I didn’t think and didn’t plan that so many people would enjoy my cupcakes, and my phone would be full of calls, messages and orders. And, of course, I could not imagine that I would derive so much pleasure and joy of pastries and confectionery business. But it turned out that I was born not for setting off debit and credit, but to make this world sweeter and more colorful.

This idea came unexpectedly and changed at once my life and my occupation. In only half a year I managed to set up a small business of production of home-made natural confectionery: cupcakes, cakes and zephyr. Since than many people have learned and fallen in love with production of “Mary’s Cake”, and I became much happier and more harmonious, because I’ve found business of the life, which shapes of my heart.

At the lecture I will in detail tell you about steps and stages of development, about creation and progress of “Mary’s Cake”. You will know how not to give up during this difficult period of life, how to believe in yourself and how to create your business even without money. I’ll tell you how to motivate yourself even at those moments when you cannot stick with it any more, and hope for a better future and prospects for further development are absent”.

Info line: 069020369, 079085134 (Alexandra)

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