Maxim Snitkovski about volunteering in Israel

Let me remind you that in the beginning of June Alexandra Gorbataya managed to see our volunteers in Israel.

Of course, I asked the guys about life, volunteering, difficulties and personal motivation. That’s what our Maxim Snitkovski told me.

“I feel positive at the moment. The daily routine sometimes dominates, but I found several ways to get out of it. It is necessary to point out an independent living as a new experience for me, because there was no such opportunity before, and, of course, I am improving my meet-up and communication skills. But it’s still difficult not to miss home and family being away from home. Probably, this is the most difficult thing. It’s always very easy to become melancholic, come home after a workday and plug into a computer or phone, but that’s a waste of time. This time can be usefully spent, as in fact there is not so much time left till November. Therefore, I am extremely active. During my stay here, I was only convinced that if you do not do anything with yourself, nobody will do anything to you. Be curious and take a chance, go to where there was no one else, travel and meet new people. “

Thanks to Maxim’s enthusiasm, he is easygoing, stay always in touch with friends and family, he is ready to communicate for several hours and tease his friends from Facebook with a seaview.


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