Lag BaOmer

Lag BaOmer is a celebration of the discovery of the secret Torah. On this day, people arrange picnics, burn fires, do archery and have fun. We are going to do all these things!

We invite you to join us and we are sure that it will be amazing! This is a great opportunity to relax, to have a good time and rest, to talk to interesting people and to get a lot of positive emotions!

Just imagine: it is the evening. We are sitting around the campfire, singing your favorite songs, enjoying the food, talking a lot, looking at the stars … That’s perfect!

Well, we really need you to bring all our ideas to life and have a great time together. We are waiting for you!

This is an outdoor event, which will be held at the recreation center DACIA Marin.

By appointment ONLY: Julia Barbanagra 068093523, Ira Georgelash 060062039, Olya Korzhenkova 060184358.

+373 (22) 509 646
+373 69020369
Chisinau, E. Doga str. 5,
of. 309, 310, 312
Mon. - Sun.
15:00 - 21:00