Lag Ba Omer

On May 26, our volunteers and coordinators went to Vadul lui Voda to celebrate Lag Ba Omer.

Lag Ba Omer is a Jewish holiday, and it is translated as the number 33. The word Lag is made of the letters “lamed” and “gimel”, which together have the numerical value of “33”. Lag Ba Omer is celebrated on the thirty third day of the Counting of the Omer, which occurs on the 18th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar. As the legend says, the plague that killed Rabbi Akiva’s disciples came to an end on that day.

On this holiday people have fun and relax, and all our volunteers have continued this tradition.

At the beginning of the holiday, the coordinators divided all volunteers into three teams. At first, everyone met together due to interactive games which helped the guys to get to know each other. They started to communicate with each other and relax!

Then the coordinators talked about the holiday Lag BaOmer: the historical background, traditions and customs, interesting facts. The teams studied interesting parables, discussed them and talked on various topics. After that, everyone continued communication at dinner.

According to the holiday tradition, we had a lot of fun and played various board games. We also played volleyball, football and badminton.

The day turned out to be easy and pleasant. Both the coordinators as well as the volunteers enjoyed this day. According to all the surveys, our volunteers like trips and joint activities, and this is good news for us!

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