JCC KEDEM hosts World Day of Jewish Knowledge

JCC KEDEM hosts World Day of Jewish Knowledge

The annual Global Day events have ended and the results can be summed up. This year was very rich in events that not only united everyone with one theme “Connections Between Us”, but also helped to show once again the depth of Jewish history and culture.

RVC participants looked at the dilemmas of the Jewish people from the perspective of the past and present in a lively and interactive way, and studied Jewish parables in the Midrash of the Senses session to understand how the senses influence our interactions with each other.

In Haverim, 3 interactive sessions were held at once, dedicated to the history of the Jewish people, as well as to great people. One of the sessions – “The World of Books and Emotions” – was held for small and curious participants in Haverim Junior.

Also, within the framework of the World Day of Jewish Knowledge, meetings on non-formal Jewish education were held at JCC KEDEM, where the Torah and Jewish texts became the main subjects of discussion.

And for those who are fond of creativity, master classes of creative studios were opened in the center, where it was possible to learn different drawing techniques, as well as 2 techniques of weaving Solomon’s patterns and weaving baubles with a Jewish symbol.

The day turned out to be eventful, but at the same time very informative. Through different topics and formats, we managed to take a fresh look at the topic of connections between us, our ancestors, past, present and future.

Looking forward to next year and a new topic for reflection and study.

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