It is to meet with friends

Of course, the quarantine deprived us a lot: walks, trips, meetings with friends. But there’s no need to get bored. In everything, you need to look for your advantages, come up with something new for yourself, Have Fun, do something. Remember, we live in a million possibilities. And even to meet with friends, without disturbing the regime of self-isolation-real!

We will help you organize a cool online party!

  • Karaoke.

Nothing lifts the mood, make us have fun and approaches like singing together, does it? Singing with friends in karaoke – a great idea! The Watch2gether website allows an online conference to run lyrics. Arrange with friends for a date at a time, stock up on goodies and an excellent mood, as well as the most beloved and cheerful songs, and, we assure you, the evening will be remembered by everyone for a long time!

  • Party

Arrange the party! Yes, just the way you like to arrange, gathering together. Call your favorite classmates, co – workers who are so bored,  usual friends, arrange a meeting, and from a technical point of view it will help you prepare the HouseParty application. Basically, it is not different from the usual applications for creating online conferences. The only thing is that if you get bored at a time, there are a lot of cool games in the app.

  • Go to the cinema

We all love a good movie, but see it in a good company as we love it even more. Let’s make such a viewing! The Netflix party extension will allow you to gather your friends with whom you want to watch a movie together, while you can discuss it in a chat that will be opened in a nearby window. (The extension only works in the Chrome browser)

  • Board games-now online!

If your company is a fan of table games, then there is a suggestion for you to play them online. Everyone’s favourite monopoly is available to all who want online- https://www.pogo.com/games/monopolyclassic?sl=2&gamekey=monopolyclassic#game  and  https://en.boardgamearena.com/ you will find 175 games available in 41 languages of the world. And of course https://tabletopia.com/ where you will expect an equally attractive list-800 games for each taste.

  • You want to play?

If you still prefer to see the interlocutors, communicate with them and at the same time play fun games, then try to play together in a good old”crocodile”. Explain to each other the words with gestures, complicate your task and try to put the words of the songs as well. I assure you, you will laugh and spend your time with pleasure. Or play the game “respond in 5 seconds”. The essence of the game is that in just 5 seconds the participants one by one will have to name writers, countries, cars and more on certain letters. Quests you can think of yourself and shoot out of a bag without looking.

And finally, I would like to give some tips to make your meating with friends very cool and definitely wanted to repeat.

  • Invite people acqainted with each other to avoid embarrassing silence, so that no one gets bored and feels “at ease”. Let it be your classmates, work colleagues, company-people who have something in common.

  • Ask all participants in the conversation to familiarize themselves well with the application in which the meeting is planned. It always loses interest and fades enthusiasm when someone can not connect for a long time, turn on the microphone or camera.

  • Together with friends or, if you are, the presenter, then on your own, prepare a party or meeting plan, describe what you will do.

We wish you good luck and hope that the information will help you in organizing your time with fun.

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