Origins of Mercy

The “Origins of Mercy” project is more of a direction of the RVC volunteer programs, the main goal of which is to help elderly clients of HESED.

Volunteers provide assistance in two formats at once: online and offline. Every day, the elderly connect to thematic meetings via the Internet and discuss topical issues and problems with volunteers.

Offline, volunteers accompany the elderly, assist in minor repairs, help with everyday problems, deliver food packages, collect life stories of the elderly, which later line up in vivid and meaningful photo exhibitions and documentaries.

The life of the project is very bright and eventful, filled with cool moments, meetings, heart-to-heart talks and love. Project volunteers always have the opportunity to share their professional skills and unleash their potential. Also, you can organize a couple: an elderly person and a volunteer, based on common interests with our grandparents. Communicate, learn new things, look at the world through their experience and vice versa.

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