“I’ll do it by myself” Project

The last meeting of the project “I’ll do it by myself” was held on April 21. During all the lessons, the children learned information about different important topics: the emergency situation and behavior, providing first aid and saving a person’s life.

At this final session, the project coordinators decided to check how the children remembered the information gained at lessons, how attentive they were, how well they studied. Thus, the project team prepared a real quest for them!

The guys had to go through various emergency situations, which young students bravely coped with. They had to save our volunteer from the “blood loss” and to protect their rights from the “bully”.

Children’s courage, attention to our classes and curiosity were appreciated and each of them received points for their perseverance. They exchanged the accumulated points for money and acquired sweets in our improvised diner.

At the end of the lesson, there was held an award ceremony for graduates of the “I’ll do it by myself” project and every child received a personal diploma!

Now we know that each of the children are able to find a way out of a difficult situation and to help a person. The children can tell their mothers confidently: “I’ll do it by myself”.

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