How has quarantine changed the world?

No matter how much we all want to change the situation, go out for a walk, meet friends, go on a trip – all this will have to be postponed and still stay at home, which we have been urged to do for a long time. But still, there are advantages to any situation, and the quarantine also brought them, especially with regard to nature.

TOP 5 facts about how the quarantine has positively affected the world

  1. The quarantine has led to a decrease in the number of people walking in the forest and trampling plants, people have become less likely to go to picnics and kebabs, respectively, to burn fires and leave garbage.
  2. The air has become clearer. In particular, in China, where due to the huge amount of transport, the air was so polluted that people had to wear masks even before the pandemic. Now the air is much cleaner. And this is not just about China. Based on NASA research, harmful emissions have been reduced by almost 25%.
  3. The closure of borders and flights has also borne fruit. The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has significantly decreased, which also has a positive impact on the environmental situation
  4. Due to the quarantine, production has been significantly reduced due to a lack of workers, which reduces harmful emissions to the atmosphere and waste discharges into the water.
  5. There were fish in the canals of Venice, swans and even dolphins. It is amazing and sometimes even scary, how good nature is without us-people. The channels were so clear that the water in them became transparent.

        All these changes directly affect the person, because if the nature is good-the air, water, and earth are purified-the person will also feel good about it. Maybe it should have been for all of us. Nature needs time to recover, and it is important for a person to rethink their attitude to it, isn’t it?!

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