“Happy Women’s Club”

“Happy Women’s Club” held a meeting on an important and relevant topic: “Grievances against men and forgiveness” this Sunday.

Psychologist Elena Roibu was invited to this meeting, as she is a true professional in this field! We would like to thank her once again for the fact that she devoted her time to our project, shared her knowledge and experience with our participants and gave working recommendations. This is priceless!

There are different situations in our life, and each of them has either positive or negative impact on us. An insult is worst of all. Grievances accumulated in a person become a destructive mechanism which works against you, your development and inner harmony. Thus, it is important to learn to forgive.

We say many thanks to all our dear participants who come to our Club. We feel how we are growing together, we become better and happier every meeting. We exchange positive emotions, we are getting more powerful and energetic!

Join us in the “Happy Women’s Club” and be happier!

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