Hanukkah Pre-Party

This past Sunday, the Hanukkah Pre Party was held, where volunteers and families, the elderly and the youth, all came together to learn more about the traditions and customs of Hanukkah. A member of the Jewish community, Rabbi Shimshon Isakson, ran an adult program, where he talked about the miracle of Hanukkah. There was also a program for kids about this same topic.

Everyone who came was welcome to participate in many different masterclasses such as: decorating donuts, decorating candles, creating Sevivon and holiday cards, singing songs, and studying holiday prayers. Not only did these interesting programs capture the interests of everyone present, but they also provided an opportunity to learn something new in the process. During the day, we also took the time to ceremoniously light the first Hanukkah candle which stood on the walkway outside for everyone to see. At the end of the event, our volunteers delivered donuts and cards to the elderly people living alone in our community.
We are thankful for everyone who came on Sunday, who shared with us their happiness and positivity, and who helped celebrate with us and prepare for the coming of Hanukkah!

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