Good Deeds Day on the program “ABC of Taste”, RTR Moldova

Nikolay Railen and  Nikita Soloviev are going to talk about arrangements for  #GoodDeedsDay and prepare two dishes. Which ones? They decided to cook such Israeli dishes as matzah brei and shakshouka.

They told the audience of RTR Moldova about Good Deeds Day which takes place all over the world in April and about Moldova’s participation in the context of Ziua Faptelor Bune.  In addition, they reported that every year it is planned to extent the event and the number of volunteers.

Nikita Soloviev said that on Good Deeds Day the city trolley buses will transport our volunteers absolutely for free. The director Nikolay Railen shared about the work of the Republican Volunteer Center RVC, its activities and development of volunteering in Moldova as well as how to become a volunteer.

Make yourself comfortable and watch the program “ABC of Taste”! Do not forget to make notes of the recipes!

RTR Moldova

29 апреля 2018 – #День Добрых Дел, отмечается в 93 странах , а участие в нем принимают миллионы людей. Николай Райлян и Никита Соловьев расскажут о подготовке к #GoodDeedsDay и приготовят два блюда. Каких? Смотрите очередной выпуск «Азбуки вкуса» в воскресенье, 22 апреля в 11.00 на канале RTR Moldova#rtrmoldova #азбукавкуса #rvcmd #volunteers #moldova #GoodDeedsDay

Gepostet von RTR Moldova am Freitag, 20. April 2018

Ждем вас на пешеходной улице 29 апреля!


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