Good Deeds Day 2021 award results

Good Deeds Day has come to an end. This was a long-awaited event, attended not only by volunteers in the activities organized by RVC, but also by 93 organizations that organized their own actions.

The RVC team of the Volunteer Center decided to encourage the initiative of the competition organizations, as a result of:

  • The first place and its prize in the form of a wireless speaker and promotional products from RVC and GDD, with the participation of this organization in the Day of Good Deeds in 2022, is taken by an action called “O faptă bună merită o alta”. On May 29, as part of this action, a historically valuable fountain with drinking water was restored and a tree plantation was whitewashed. The action took place in the village of Frăsinești, Ungheni, and was organized by the local initiative group „FAST” Fii Ambasadorul Schimbării Tale ”.
  • The second place is occupied by the action „Salubrizare în comunitate”. During the action, volunteers painted the fence, poured trees and cleaned the central park. The action took place on May 26, Alexeevca, r Ungheni, GIL ,, O 9 ȘANSĂ ”. As a gift from RVC, the organization receives an LED lamp / ring tripod.
  • The third place and the prize – a wireless speaker, is occupied by the action “Măsuri de salubrizare a teritoriului bisericii din sat.” Improving the territory in the village. Florițoaia Vechi, Ungheni district, took place on May 29 by the Florițoaia Veche initiative group. Following the action, the volunteers managed to get rid of weeds and debris and decorate the territory with flowers.

The RVC Team and the Good Deeds Day Team congratulate the winners and thank all the organizations for participating in Good Deeds Day 2021 and the great work they have done in their campaigns.

We hope to see you again next year on Good Day!

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