“Global Day of Jewish Learning” Seminar

In a little while you will know the date and detailed information about “Global Day of Jewish Learning” in Chisinau. Preparations have already begun and are carried out quite successfully.

From August, 4 to August, 6 in the city of St. Petersburg the seminar on the organization and carrying out of the “Day of the Jewish Learning” took place. Our colleague and one of organizers of this action in Chisinau Alexandra Gorbataya participated in it. At the seminar participants could discuss new ideas, gain knowledge and share experience of various cities and countries. Thanks to professional lecturers in the field of Judaism: Gorin Borukh, Zeltser Grigory, Patrakova Yulia and many others the opportunity to share more profound knowledge and new subjects with other cities has come up.

We thank organizers: The Resource Center of the Jewish Education and Aleph Society for the possibility to participate in the seminar and receiving invaluable experience!

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