“Give a smile” Project

We visit the children’s hospital named after V. Ignatenko in the context of the “Give a smile” project twice a month on Sundays. We help children to rehabilitate faster by spending time with them, playing various games and raising their spirits. These meetings always bring a lot of emotions, positive memories, warm hugs and, of course, SMILES!

We visited our little friends once again. In fact, it was one of the BEST meetings! There was such a pleasant atmosphere, which is simply beyond words! We had an emotional visit! All the children were involved in the creative process. They expressed a desire to spend time together, and nobody wanted to stand aside. That was extremely important for us.

We created a great masterpiece together! Each of the volunteers with their small team created something interesting. Someone painted the globe, and someone cut out of paper. It was our common work.

Our volunteers are happy at these meetings, because they receive positive emotions for their work and they are charged with positive energy. Children smile a lot, despite the fact that they are at the hospital. We are glad that we have such a project at RVC. It is amazing and we love this project very much!

If you want to be one of us and do good deeds, then we will be happy to accept you in our team.

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