“Give a smile” Project

It is amazing how little it takes to make a child smiling. How is it sometimes necessary to do this, isnt’ it?

The “Give a smile” project is aimed at conducting various games and interesting master classes for children in hospitals. We often visit children from the municipal hospital named after V. Ignatenko. Children, who are in the hospital and undergo treatment, feel a lack of games, colors, fun and positive emotions. Do you remember yourself in childhood? You were jumping, running and playing all the day long. But there is no such possibility for children in the hospital.

We visit kids to give them all things they miss and to spend time with them.

The best reward for a volunteer is to see how children smile and laugh. We are proud that everything we do is not in vain.

On May 12, we visited the children and had a wonderful time together. We were playing, painting and talking a lot. We paid attention to every child.

We are happy to give them smiles!

Do good deeds! Give your love and warmth to the world!

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