Common Shabbat

On May 24th, we had a common Shabbat of three generations! Older people, volunteers and children came together for a joyful meeting on Saturday.

Our active volunteer – Artem Perchun and coordinator of the “Socialization” direction – Olya Korzhenkova conducted different activities. According to traditions, everything started with the ceremony. We believe that it is important to preserve the traditions of the holiday and show them children.

After the official part, we decided to play a game together. Everyone enjoyed it! This was the game “Stickers”. The game was simple – players had to guess what was written on a piece of paper, so that they didn’t see what was written on paper. Such a simple game raised the mood for everyone, relaxed us and gave us a lot of positive emotions in that evening.

We are very happy about the way all three generations get along and we enjoyed this peaceful atmosphere. We are grateful to everyone who came and became a part of the Common Shabbat!

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