General information

The Republican Volunteer Center

This is a platform for everyone who wants to become a volunteer program that allows you to meet your needs through social projects
society. RVC is a resource center ready to support volunteer initiatives and professionally accompany them, as well as provide volunteers with the necessary education. The Republican Volunteer Center provides volunteer vacancies, aimed at helping different target audiences. RVC is a non-profit organization, which is officially engaged in volunteer activities and is accredited by the Ministry Education, Culture and Research.

Volunteering is a voluntary donation of your own time, professionalism, knowledge, reputation and connections for the benefit of society, without material compensation for labor, on your own initiative, for a certain period of time.

The benefits of volunteering:

The volunteer Center provides registered volunteers with professional training support, which includes:
 Documentation management (system for recording volunteer hours, recommendation letter, etc.)
 Education related to volunteerism
 Support from invited specialists
 Rewards and points system
 Professional support
 Support for new initiatives
 Large selection of volunteer jobs for all ages
 Volunteer conferences / seminars in Moldova and CIS countries
 Comfortable conditions for the implementation of activities

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Chisinau, E. Doga str. 5,
of. 309, 310, 312
Mon. - Sun.
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