Europe/Asia Leader Conference of the Good Deeds Day

On September 5-8, the annual Europe/Asia Leader Conference of the Good Deeds Day movement took place in Moldova!

This conference is a great opportunity for country leaders and like-minded organisations from Asia and Europe to come together and discuss, share and learn strategic partnerships, expanding the network, measuring volunteer contributions and to work together on all year-round challenges.

The conference was full of sessions and presentations that helped participants to answer the questions how to organise the Good Deeds Day in their country.26 participants came to Moldova to get to know each other from India, Mongolia, Cambodia, Montenegro, Croatia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries.

The Volunteer Center RVC team, which is the official representative of the Good Deeds Day in Moldova, not only hosted the conference, but also showed in practice volunteering in Moldova, the friendliness and flavour of beloved country.

Before participating in volunteer actions, Iulia Barbaneagra – RVC manager, spoke about volunteering in Moldova, the successes of RVC center and about the process of organising Good Deeds Day in Moldova. Daria Pavlovski gave a tour of JCC KEDEM, showing the most important areas of JCC team work.

Volunteer actions were presented to the participants as follows:

1. Healthy Vitamin Box – participants collected and packed 50 healthy food baskets for elderly HESED clients, which were delivered by our volunteers.

2. Computer class with children at risk – hands-on English teaching with leaders

3. Art workshop with the elderlies in the Day Center with the accompaniment of RVC volunteers

We thank Good Deeds Day for your trust and for the opportunity to become closer to the team of the global movement!


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