Excursion to Jewish memorial places

Spend your free time to your advantage, do you agree with me?

Therefore, we offer you a walk еo the Jewish memorable places of the city center in the company of good people. Olga Sivak – employee of I. Manger Jewish Library will help zou to be closer to the history.

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a flourishing center of the Jewish community in the XVIII century.

By the turn of the century, the Chisinau Jews owned factories employing thousands of Jewish workers, there were 16 Jewish schools and 70 synagogues. The name Chisinau, however, was thrust into the consciousness of the world on Easter Day, 1903 when 49 Jews were massacred by frenzied mobs. Hundreds of others – were seriously injured, thousands were left homeless, and property damage was measured in millions of gold rubles. Public outrage was expressed in protests, which were held practically in every civilized capital of the world. In 1905, there was the second Jewish pogrom in Chisinau, which claimed the lives of 19 Jews.

The Jewish community was shaken to its foundations, which caused a flood of emigration.  The devastation of the Jewish community of Chisinau Jews was continued by the Nazis during the Second World War. Communism brought even more difficult restrictions to the remaining Jews: In 1961 – bar mitzvahs were forbidden and Jews were persecuted and imprisoned on trumped-up charges; 1964 – all the synagogues of the city were closed, except for one – the one which is used today –  the Glaziers Synagogue.

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